Saturday, June 16, 2007

Mercedes Benz SL 350 AMG (tuned)

Car: 2006 Mercedes Benz SL 350 AMG (tuned)
Date: 2007
City: Tehran
Story: Custom white rims, Lamborghini doors, unique leather trim interior, & in-dash mp3 player. This car may be a customization from Lotec, which is a very exclusive German car company and tuner who made the famous Lotec Sirius. This car is not available in the US. (Thanks Mahshad for correction on the doors & thanks Marek Rodziewicz for the Lotec info.)


Mahshad said...

You got a great blog. keep on it.
About this post, This type of doors called "Lambo Doors".
Gullwing was on 1954 300SL I think.
I got some pictures and clips of some supercars in Iran and I will send them.

Mohaghegh said...

Fake ass BOdy kit. Jolosh makhsoosan baghale cheraghashmaloome Bodykitesh javade :D 3 ta Egzoz ham ke aghab, LOL! Not bad though for Iran.

Saman said...

wtf? who said that?
I'm living in the Bay Area, California and if you want I can send you 100 pictures of the same model of Mercedes from here San Jose.
There is nothing in the world that you can't find in U.S.

Navid said...

SLR in tehran are you crazi?? whose car is it? I thing that is from dubay or qatar!

hussein said...