Sunday, August 19, 2007

BMW M6 & Audi TT

Car 1: 2004 through 2006 Audi TT
Car 2: 2007 BMW M6 Cabriolet
Date: ?
City: ?
Story: Car dealership.


Unknown said...

its not M6, just 630ci with fake m6 badge.

Mohaghegh said...

Yeh It's totally fake. The exhaust is not dual! I can't believe how people not recognize that!
This is M6, compare:

kayrosh85 said...

yeah this 6 serries is not an m6, you can tell from the echaust pipes , also if you look at the rims and the tires, fenders and bumpers and ... . but the interesting thing is that i was in iran this summer and i saw maybe 4 or 5 bmw 6 serries with the exact feutures of m6 (carbon fiber roof, 4 echaust pipes and m badges on the fender smg gearbox but not the big baddles like m6) and one of which was my firiends car it was silver with red interror and i asked him because the car looked like an m6 but it doesnt sound like one and so my friend told me that you can order bw 6 serries with m6 feutures in dubai with 6 cylender engine which is a pretty weak engine for that heavy body and he said that it is 10000 dollors more expensive than a regular 635i.... and he bought the car for 150 million tommans in iran. but still i think you should be crazy t pay that much for a m6 replica with a 6 cylender engine, i mean i have a 2005 330ci stick shoft and that car is not that fast and i can only imagine how slow can a 6 cylender 6 serries be. we dont even have 635's in the US