Sunday, August 26, 2007

Rolls Royce Phantom in Tehran !!

Car 1: 2006-07 Rolls Royce Phantom
Car 2: 2006-07 Mercedes Benz S63/S65 AMG
Date: August 25, 2007 (noon)
City: Tehran (infront of Nayeb Restaurant)
Story: Photos taken exclusivley for IranSupercars of never before seen Phantom inside Iran. The photographer said the driver looked very ugly.

Below is a picture of the same white S Class at the Iranian customs dock yard before it hit the streets.


Unknown said...

hollyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy fuck lol
its crazy man

Mohaghegh said...

agha extremely nice ones! I wonder if they have Continentals as well.
Nice 335Ci in the other post also.

Aminillionaire said...

be aghle jennam nemiresid ke ye hamchin hayoolai ro vared kone...
vali ebtekare... tahala fekresho nakarde budam ke beshe royce vared kard... afarin! afarin!